Diving in El Salvador


Altitude Diver

(Min age 10 years)

    Have you ever been hiking in the mountains and come across a seemingly crystal clear lake and wondered what is under the surface? Ever seen a dam that has created a reservoir in the mountains and wondered if there is a sunken village to explore? If that lake or reservoir is at an altitude of over 300m/1000ft then the Altitude Diver course will help you prepare to go and discover what is in that body of water. Here at El Salvador divers we often go to the volcanic crater lakes of Ilopango and Coatapeque which are at altitude. Come with us and complete your Altitude Diver speciality course whilst discovering the wonderful rock formations created by long ago lava flows.

Deep Diver

(Min age 15 years)

    This course focuses on making smart decisions for a stress free, deep diving experience with an emphasis on safety. Most divers are adventurous people and the deep diver speciality is a means to an end. It will enable you to visit the wreck that is out of reach for reqular divers as well as to go to that elusive wall. Student divers will develop the techniques involved in deep diving within recreational limits (between the depths of 18 metres and 40 metres) while avoiding disturbing delicate marine life.

Night Diver

(Min age 12 years)

    The goal of this course is to teach student divers a systematic, methodical approach to enjoying diving at night. Student divers will develop the techniques involved in night diving within recreational limits while avoiding disturbing delicate marine life. This course expands student diver knowledge about night diving equipment, evaluating dive conditions at night, using and maintaining dive lights, night navigation techniques, and how to interact responsibly with the aquatic life they’ll see while night diving.

Enriched Air/Nitrox


(Min age 12 years)

    By completing this course you will be certified to use an enriched air blend of up to 40% Oxygen. Divers will learn the benefits, and dangers, of diving with air that has added Oxygen. This will benifit the diver by extending their bottom time before they reach the no stop limits. It will also bring into play the dangers of Oxygen Toxicity. Students will learn how to analyse the contents of their cylinder and calculate the safe diving limits for that mix.

Peak Performance


(Min age 10 years)

    The Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality Diver course polishes a diver’s buoyancy control beyond the Open Water Diver level. It’s goal is to make a diver more efficient – saving air and energy – and help the diver avoid damage to the aquatic environment. Students will learn how to fine tune their buoyancy underwater and how to distribute their weights to give a better diving position and enhance their comfort.

Underwater Navigator

(Min age 10 years)

    This course focuses on fun and challenging underwater navigation dives with an emphasis on safety. Whether your first navigation dive or your hundredth, few moments in diving compare with the satisfaction and pride you feel when you navigate a distance or specific navigation pattern and hit your mark dead-on. Thus, the goal of this course is to teach student divers a systematic, methodical approach to enjoying underwater navigation. Student divers will develop the techniques involved in navigating underwater within recreational limits and while avoiding disturbing delicate marine life.

Wreck Diver

(Min age 15 years)

    This course is all about fun, safe wreck diving. Diving on wrecks appeals to most divers, though for many different reasons. Underwater photographers love wrecks for their picture potential, while those interested in nature like the fact that wrecks quickly become artificial reefs. Students will learn about wreck diving law, hazards to avoid, how to research wrecks, wreck diving equipment, the basics of penetrating a wreck and how to interact responsibly with the aquatic life they’ll see while wreck diving.


(Min age 12 years)

    This is the most relaxing way to dive! Just let the current do all the work as you simply drift along looking at the sights. A very useful skill, especially if you want to dive where there are some strong currents, either in the ocean or in rivers.
Learn the techniques for entering and exiting the water in mild to strong currents safely. Lear to deploy safety markers so the boat cover knows exactly where you are at all times.

BOAT Diver

(Min age 10 years)

    This course is all about diving from a boat. In it you learn all about the layout of the boat, whatever the size. All the safety features and the safest way to enter and exit the water when diving from a boat. Learn the varying techniques for gear stowing and how to safely board the boat after a dive.


(Min age 12 years)

             If you have ever dropped anything from the boat when removing your gear proir to climbing on board the boat, then this course is for you!
Learn how to search for lost items using a veriety of methods. Once you find the lost item, whether it be a weight belt/pouch, a fin, a mask or or something larger, you then learn how to recover the lost item from the sea bed.


Self-Reliant Diver

(Min age 18 years)

(Minimum requirement 100 logged dives)

    The purpose of the Self-Reliant Diver speciality course is to recognize and accept the role of the buddy system and its contributions to diver safety while identifying and developing self-reliance and independence while diving. Prerequisites for this course are to be over the age of 18, be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and to have logged 100 dives.



(Min age 15 years)

        Not sure where you are or where you want to go? 
Then you need a map, just like on the surface. learn how to put your navigation skills to good use and create a map of your favourite dive sites. This way you can explore the site and also show it to your new dive buddies, without getting lost underwater.




(Min age 10 years)

 Learn how to identify the many and varied types of fish in the ocean.
Discover just what the male, female and juveniles of the different species look like and understand just how to catergorise the different species.



(Min age 10 years)

    Help keep the oceans clean by removing the rubbish found in the seas, lakes and rivers of the world. 
Find out how to keep records of the amount, and type, of trash removed from the waterways.



(Min age 10 years)

    Discover just how important sharks are to the natural health of the oceans. Find out what YOU can do to help conserve these magnificient creatures.